It was an unusually non-humid day in SoKno (South Knoxville) with gorgeous blue skies and a bright cheerful sun. So of course, us girls loaded up some coolers of beer, grabbed our floats, and hit the road for Dickerson Quarry.  

If you haven't been to this gem of a swimming hole and you are looking for things to do in Knoxville, you must put this on your list! 

This is a destination for the adventurous, and for the lazy outdoorist just the same. 

Thrill seekers flock to this Quarry for some cliff jumping- at 30, 60, and 90 feet. The two higher jumps have been barricaded off to the public due to some untimely and tragic casualties. 

This doesn't deter anyone from taking a flying leap off of the 30 foot drop, however, like my dear friend, Brian, who jumped twice, but only after quite some time of deliberation staring down at the water and consulting with other jumpers in the best methods and landing marks. 

 This is where the adventurer comes out in me- in order to "show up the guys and prove the size of my girl cahones," the risk taker in me wants to march my sweet ass up there and show them just how it's done. 

But while staring at the cliff that is looming over head from my comfy float lounging on the placid blue water, I rationalize it all in my head and decide that since I have a re-occurring pinched nerve in my neck, it is best to stay put and play out my adventure in my mind- after all, if I don't mess up a landing and belly flop (there's no way to recover from that humiliation and not to mention the pain and possible injury), I can still consider my self a badass. 

So here's to all you jumpers! I'll be waiting on you at the bottom with a cold beer for your efforts:) 


Now.... About the cold beer. 

No Quarry Trip would be complete without a visit from the cops, Ktown's Finest. 

While these uniformed gentlemen were very pleasant to me - I only passed them walking up to move my jeep and gave a kind hello - I do have to ask, isn't there possibly a higher priority in Ktown that may need all 5 of your attention? *Side note- If you park on the side of the road on Blount Ave, you may get a ticket or even towed. Your best bet is to park on Augusta in the gravel lot and treck down the long gravel greenway.   

Quarry patrons were instructed to dispose of their libations and to keep their pups on leashes. 

But hey, at least now I can say, "yeah, and we got busted by the cops!" 

What an awesome day!!